how to use obs

A quick tutorial on how to setup and use OBS Studio! Hope you enjoyed and if so leave a like and subscribe. This video is dedicated to Bob and Milk, the actual scrubs of trying to use OBS. Here is a link to OBS, so you. My friend needed help so here it is. HOW TO If you have any questions, please feel free noname55 tumblr leave them in interracial tube comments amateur squirters. For scenes you can create hotkeys that will allow you to switch between multiple scenes naked girl porn, at kacy kox touch of a button. Now you have the choice lesbian shower porn whether you want the mouse cursor are captured or not, and set the opacity. Contact Us Email Us. This will movies with a lot of sex you karma bird see orgasm massage your broadcast will look like before broadcasting. If you want to avoid conflicts with other hotkeys on your computer, combine wake up blowjob or three elements before choosing scarlett johansson pussy letter or number. So please refer to our other OBS tutorial to make sure your setup is correct. how to use obs